Welcome to my very own website. I’m Red Pill Junkie, your gracious provider of mind-altering, reality-twisting content.

So first, a little bit of background about me: I’ve been an active member of what I like to call the ‘Fortean blogosphere’ for the better part of 10 years –Holeee $#!t how does time fly!!– and in that period I’ve been fortunate enough to participate and collaborate in a number of awesome sites, namely The Daily Grail, Mysterious Universe, The Grimerica Show, The Intrepid Magazine blog and a few others.

What’s funny is that during all this time it never actually occurred to, ya know, have my own site! The reasons for this are varied, my natural procrastinating disposition being among the more influential ones…

But I guess the main reason is that I’ve always feared to make this simple albeit terrifying first step. I’ve always been a perfectionist, and as anyone who considers to be one knows fully well, it is a double edge sword –a valuable asset which can devolve into a terrible flaw, if you don’t keep it in check. As such, I always thought I would never be able to create a website that would live up to my impossibly high standards.

But now I’m forced to finally, blissfully acknowledge neither this nor ANY website will ever be the most awesome, sleek, or innovative page I always dreamed of. At the end of the day, though, a crummy online presence is better than NO presence at all, right?

I’m also not 100% sure what the hell I’m going to do with this site, either. At first I thought I would use it as a platform for an online store of t-shirts or something, and although I haven’t given up on that concept entirely, at present I’m thinking that Absurd by Design will be my main hub of online activity; the place where I’ll link on the other stuff I do around the Interwebz.

Where I go from there, not know yet, but it looks like a path with heart, and I hope you’re willing to join me in it 🙂




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