Welcome, August Night Books!


August Night Books Logo_FINAL_CMYK

As you guys already know, Robbie Graham asked me to design the cover of our book UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

Well, Robbie also gave me the great honor of further collaborating with him in yet another new venture: The design of the logo for his new publishing company August Night Books.

An imprint of White Crow Books, August Night Books specializes in publishing non-fiction titles on a broad range of anomalous phenomena, including UFOs, cryptozoology, and the paranormal. We also republish out-of-print titles in our specialist areas, breathing new life into books of historical and cultural significance by influential and iconoclastic thinkers from across the decades. All our books are print-on-demand digital editions, available in paperback, eBook, and, in some cases, hardback and digital audio formats. All are available for purchase from good online bookstores, including Amazon, and sometimes from bricks-and-mortar outlets.

Like in ‘Reframing…’ Robbie gave me a few general directions of how he wanted the logo to look like, but as always he was very open with my personal input. I’ll never be able to repay Robbie for the opportunity he has given me in trying to reinvent myself as a graphic designer; even though I studied industrial design in college, and for more than 15 year I tried to pursue a career in interior design –something I’m VERY good at, I might add!– for many reasons I care not elaborate upon, it doesn’t seem like I’ll have much of a chance to try making a living in that field any more…

Robbie could have commissioned more experienced logo designers, but he entrusted me with the job, and I tried to do my best not to disappoint him. In the end he was very pleased with the end result, and that means the world to me.

So here I’m raising my glass to the health of August Night Books. May it see the birth of many fantastic new volumes, which will delight, challenge and inspire countless generations of readers across the world!

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