Grimerica on Reddit

Greddit Logo_520x520

I’ve been involved with The Grimerica Show podcast since the very beginning (I think I was their 2nd guest). I consider Darren and Graham very good friends, which is why when they asked me to create their logo I accepted, even though I didn’t have the right tools or expertise to do a 100% professional job; nevertheless they liked the end result and by now, due to their increasing audience the Grimerican stoned moai (get it?) has become quite popular.

As part of their campaign to enlarge their presence on social media, the Grimericans are seeking to have a presence in numerous platforms, including Reddit, where they have their own subreddit used to post links to shows and share other cools stuff.

I felt the Grimerica subreddit deserved its own personalized icon, so I took it upon myself to make one based on the Reddit aesthetic. I’m quite pleased with the end result becaue it is simple and easy to ‘read’, yet at the same time it is clearly recognizable as Grimerica, even if reduced to a very small size.

So, if you are a regular redditor, I urge you to subscribe to the Grimerica subreddit and help it turn into a vibrant community 🙂

(Now I feel it may be time to ‘upgrade’ the original logo one of these days…)

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