UFOs & Alchemy, Oh My!


My mind has been exploring some interesting tangents lately. It all started last month, when my friends of The Grimerica Show invited me to participate in their interview with Dr. Jacques Vallee. The episode can be found here.

To say speaking at such length with one of my personal heroes in the UFO field had a HUUUGE impact in me would be an understatement of Magonian proportions. The things we spoke of and the topics we covered were vast and profound, but the real jewel of the interview came when he discussed his scientific research of alleged metallic fragments ‘ejected’ by UFOs.

His words somehow made me think about the ancient art of Alchemy, and during the interview —as I recounted on an essay I wrote for The Daily Grail— Dr. Vallee seemed to have confirmed those suspicions were not totally misguided.

el-retorno-de-los-brujo-borde-coleccion-el-arca-de-papel-copyIt also made me remember why I started to get an interest in alchemy in the first place: Due to the fact that many years ago I’d found a dog-eared Spanish copy of Morning of the Magicians in my father’s library. I read that book voraciously, though I admit I wasn’t able to understand much of what the authors –Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier– were trying to say. That old raggedy copy started to lose pages, and years later I bought another copy.

After the Vallee interview I decided to re-read MotM once again. Unsurprisingly, I still can’t claim I fully grasp the true gist of the text, but thankfully now some concepts have become clearer –or at least, less obscure. Going through the book for a fourth or fifth time made me remember a curious anecdote mentioned in the chapter devoted to Alchemy: the alleged encounter between co-author Bergier and a mysterious man who warned him about the terrible dangers posed by the experimentation of atomic energy –nothing especially remarkable in our day and age… except for the fact the ‘warning’ was made 2 years before the start of World War II! I decided to share the story with the readers of Mysterious Universe. Alas, my timing was not too perfect –or perhaps it was too synchronistic– since I discovered that prior to the publishing of the article on the MU blog (which I had submitted on Thursday night, but got approved and published just today) Ben and Aaron discussed the same story on the PLUS section of their latest podcast episode.

Maybe Transmutation is in the air…

In any case, I think it’s important we pay attention to this possible link between UFO and the ancient secrets of the alchemists. If anything, it might allow us to propel our thinking in more original directions, and observe the phenomenon from a different perspective –and fostering novel (or forgotten) ideas is precisely WHY *I* consider UFOlogy to be my personal Alchemy –as I admitted on my contribution to UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

So let’s fire up our burners and put our theories into the melting pot. If we are diligent enough, we might catch a glimpse of the elusive lapis philosophorum just yet… and if we don’t, the path will turn up other rewards nonetheless.






    • I definitely suspect this ‘reality’ we inhabit is just a tiny ‘bubble’ surrounded by a bigger Reality. And from that larger world manipulation of our bubble’s energy and space/time may be as easy as playing Minecraft 🙂


  1. I am not so sure about the expanding universe. How would anyone know if they were in a local contraction? I guess that is the elevator and the gravity.
    Bubbles contract and stuff gets focused. They expand and lense back around. And spin.
    Manipulation is just the intitial adjustments of the universal constants. I think that is more of a wedding and a party and some tiny narrative than anything perfectly logical.
    A work in progress, scaled into very tiny stuff. Looks like something more retarded and mysterious either way.


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