Introducing the Absurd by Design Zazzle Store!

I’m very proud to announce I’ve finally set out to do what I had intended to, ever since I originally came up with the idea for this site: I’ve opened my very own online store.

Here’s the link to Absurd by Design on Zazzle.

Here’s our ‘pitch’ to our customers:

Absurd by Design intends to promote and celebrate Forteana, UFOs and the Paranormal. Why should only Sci-Fi geeks have all the fun?? Say it loud! I’m weird and I’m proud!!

Which is exactly what I intend to do: Create cool designs that even people who are not really that much interested in the Paranormal would be interested in buying –although obviously my ‘main market’ would be all the folks who’ll get a double kick out of understanding some of he ‘inside baseball’ Easter Eggs I intend to insert into the designs.

Take a look for example, in the Mothman t-shirt I just recently added:

Now, if you look closer at the ‘Man in White’ who is bent on scorching Mothy out of existence, you’ll notice it is none other than: John Keel!

There’s also the ‘launching product’ of the t-shirt with the Absurd by Design logo:

The cool thing about Zazzle is that it lets you customize the t-shirt to a great degree: You can choose any number of sizes and fabric colors. In retrospect this is now what I originally intended, because I wanted to retain control of the whole process by printing the shirts here in Mexico, and shipping them to the costumer; in the end that was impractical because: A) It would have been too labor-intensive; and B) The shipping costs would have made the shirts too expensive.

So, here’s hoping this turns out into a profitable venture. I intend to be releasing more designs in a very regular basis –I have been thinking about this online store for a loong time, after all, and all those ideas have been kept, and will be developed in due time.

What are you waiting for, then? Time to show off your weird side to the world!!


  1. […] If anything, I would be interested to try the route of creating a graphic novel, which would be a nice way of adding originality to the UFO topic. Unfortunately that would imply a lot of hard work and learning more about the creation of comic books; maybe I could collaborate with someone more experienced in these matters, but I would at least like to have some assurance the project could have a chance of being profitable –unlike those damn t-shirts… […]


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