New T-Shirt: Keep on Squatchin’…


For the new Absurd by Design t-shirt, I decided to celebrate one of my favorite cryptids: Sasquatch.

The design is a pun-y homage to Robert Crumb’s iconic Keep on Truckin’ hippie slang. It’s also interesting to point out how Crumb himself has kept something of a disturbing sexual fetish with the hirsute cryptid, which he has portrayed as a voluptuous ‘wild woman of the forest’, with pendulous breasts and wide hips —Patty’s got back, yo!— always on the lookout for a hapless ‘whiteman’ she can capture and keep as a human pet.


Perhaps Crumb hit the nail on the head when he realized that part of the allure of Bigfoot as a modern mythology, is that it is a symbol of the liberating power of Nature: Bigfoot is not bound to the laws of government or the conforming norms of society; it doesn’t pay taxes or has to go to Church on Sundays. He spends all his time frolicking around in the forest without a care in the world…

Well, you and I may not have the luxury of that kind of leisure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go about your daily business in ‘groovy’ Squatchin’ style!

(And PLEASE put your pants on)

Link to the new t-shirt in the Zazzle store.

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