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Since I don’t want this site to be exclusively about art commissions, I want to point out to two recently published articles of mine at Mysterious Universe. I’m particularly proud of them, not only because they took A LOT of research and time to write them down, but also because they are based on some of my favorite UFO stories of all time; cases that, sadly, are not that well known in the anglophone side of UFOlogy, which is why I felt a certainly responsability to do what I can in promoting them.

The first one is about an obscure passage in the infamous UMMO affair. UMMO is considered by most UFO researchers as just an old and prolongued hoax, but as I try to explain in the article, mixed with the deliberate deception there were some
genuine kernels of anomaly here and there, that need to be considered before we rule EVERYTHING pertaining to that quirky symbol a waste of our time.

“SPEAK LOUDER” Asked the Aliens from Planet UMMO

The second article is also indirectly connected to the who UMMO controversy, but it stands at its own as one of the strangest humanoid encounters in the annals of UFOlogy. Literally NOTHING about the case makes any sense whatsoever, which is why I love it so much and think it actually happened –absurdity by design, daddy-o!

Attack of the Flying Space Dwarves!

It feels good getting back to writing for Mysterious Universe, something I’ve neglected for far too long –mainly because I know full well the page has a lot of top-notch collaborators, so I can’t just contribute with your typical ‘topical’ weird story that’s just making the rounds in the media airwaves. I always try to write about stories I’m passionate about, and that at the same time I can feel the certainty that I’m adding something new to the discussion with them, instead of just rehashing the same old cases everybody has already heard of a million times prior. Which is why it takes double the time in researching or sometimes translating the material from my old books in Spanish to English. From a financial POV it is a complete folly –as I ranted on a recent Twitter, a Mc’Donalds employee makes in less than 3 hours more than I what I make with a 5000-word article– but as many of my fellow UFO buffs will tell you, most of us didn’t get into professional blogging for the money.

So stay tuned, because I still have a few other articles I want to write for MU in the foreseaable future, before I run out of fresh ideas 🙂

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