Hidden Experience: New Book by Mike Clelland, with Foreword by Yours Truly

Last month my good friend Mike Clelland released an ebook meant to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his excellent blog Hidden Experience.

The book has the dubious honor of including the first and only foreword written by yours truly. When Mike reached out to me early this year to ask me to write the foreword, I was very overwhelmed and humbled by this honor. Of all the great authors Mike knows and is good friend of, he chose to ask me! “I checked on all the old blog entries and your comments are there from the very beginning,” Mike wrote to me. It’s true: Once I found Hidden Experience I felt the compulsion to add my 2 cents in the comment section on most of Mike’s posts; something I mention on my foreword, which you can actually read on this link at The Daily Grail, where Mike allowed me to publish it as an exclusive excerpt for our readers.

Mike has also decided to publish the book in paperbook format, for all of us ‘pulp lovers’ out there, so if you prefer to get your fix of high strangeness the old fashioned way, you’d better hurry and get your copy!

There’s also a plan to release an audiobook version, and yes –Mike has also asked me to read my foreword for it. Over the years I’ve heard that people actually like the sound of my voice (something that never stops shocking me) so in light of that I guess I’ll make my best impression of The Most Interesting Man in the World 😉


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