Podcasts & Radio Interviews –Oh My!

“Please God don’t let me burp on air!”

I’ve been invited to a few podcast and radio interviews recently. I oftentimes forget to post links to those kind of things because I get easily distracted with other stuff, instead of focusing on “promoting my brand” –what am I, a rancher??

Srsly though, if I share those interviews here is not because I’m seeking popularity –like I said in one of these recent interviews, being a “UFO celebrity” and five dollars will buy you a cup of coffee– but because I’m hoping that some of the things mentioned in those on-air discussion, will might be of some value to someone who’s interested in the same topics I’m interested in. I remember when I was just starting out interacting with what I call “the Fortean blogosphere” by leaving out comments and engaging in looooooooong threads with some other fellow commentators or with the owner of the blog; one of my greatest joys was when I managed to connect with those people who were living on another part of the planet, and I could direct them to something related to the topic they were discussing they hadn’t considered yet –“hey this thing you wrote or talked about reminded me of this other thing I read somewhere else…”

It made me feel like a Fortean matchmaker 😛

So, now that I get to be the one invited down to speak on the microphone –or rater, my cheap-ass cellphone headphones– I’m doing exactly the same thing. I’ve NEVER had a 100% original thought with regards to the UFO phenomenon and the paranormal, but what I try to do instead is to bring up little-known or overlooked bits and pieces of information, in order to broaden the conversation. That’s all.

And after that long and needless explanation, here are three recent podcast and radio interviews recorded with yours truly as guest:

Grimerica Ep. #390: I hadn’t talked with Darren and Graham for a long, long time; so it felt good chatting with my Canadian buddies about all sorts of UFOlogical threads, mainly related to what’s been going on with the field in the last few years.

The Paracast (December 1st, 2019): I’m aware that some people decline the invitation to be on The Paracast for reasons I’m not interested getting into. For my part, The Paracast is one of the first podcasts I started to regularly listened when I began to get seriously involved in the Fortean scene, and because of that I still feel a debt of gratitude. Furthermore, there’s something about conversing with Gene and his co-host Randall I genuinely find enjoyable, perhaps because Randall and I don’t see eye to eye in a few things about the UFO topic; Randall is more aligned with the ETH camp, which makes for an interesting opportunity to cordially talk with somebody who’s not 100% in agreement with you –kind of like the old jokes of a rabbi, a priest and a Buddhist hanging out in a bar 😉

UFO Classified with Erica Lukes (Nov 29, 2019): This was my first chance to talk to Erica, a rising star in the UFO field who I believe is doing a lot of really interesting work digging out things concerning some of UFOlogy’s most controversial topics –namely, the Skinwalker ranch. Prior to this recording, she asked me to have a conversation with me in private, because she wanted to know where I stand with regards to this crazy, wacky thing we call UFOs, and we had such a good time she proposed to continue the conversation on her weekly radio show. Actual live shows kinda make me nervous, but friends have told me I sounded very relaxed, which no doubt was the result of talking to a host who was very nice to me –although having a beer and a glass of whiskey nearby also helps. That’s a ‘protip’ free of charge, fellas 😛

So there you have it! Hope you enjoy these conversations, and you get something out of them even if you don’t happen to agree with my personal opinion 🙂

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