Listen to My Foreword for Mike Clelland’s Upcoming Audiobook!

Remember how back in July I wrote about Mike Clelland’s book Hidden Experience, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of his blog? At the end I hinted at the possibility that when the audiobook version would be released, yours truly would get to also be part of it.

Well, guess what? IT HAPPENED.

During the second half of 2019 Mike kept insisting that I should be the one reading the foreword I wrote for him, instead of him or some other anonymous voice actor –Mike read and recorded the rest of the book on his own for Audible. At first I was a bit worried about the prospect, since the only ‘audio equipment’ at my disposal is a cheap cell phone headset which I use whenever I Skype with my friends or get interviewed on a podcast. I downloaded an audio-recording app on my Android tablet and sent a sample to Mike, but as I suspected the quality requirements of Audible demanded the recording to be made with a more professional set-up.

That’s when Mike managed to locate Edward Muller, through his editor Suzanne Chancellor. Edward is an American expat living here in Mexico City who works on a radio station, and one of his friends had a home recording studio we could use. Once all the arrangements were made between him and Mike, all there was to do was for me to actually show up and sit in front of a microphone; which actually proved less stressful than what I originally feared!

The audio I’m including below (apologies for not embedding it, but WordPress won’t let me upload the file for “security reasons”) actually took two days to be recorded –we discovered too late the microphone wasn’t working properly the first time, so we were forced to re-record the whole thing a few days later with a better microphone. Edward coached me on how to pronounce some of the words of the text, and his friend gave me tips on how I should pause and rest my voice while occasionally sipping from a glass of water. After that, the ‘raw’ file with the many mistakes and re-takes was sent to Mike, who diligently cleaned it up and edited it. I’ve listened to my voice on podcasts many times, and I truly feel I’ve never sounded better 🙂

Hidden Experience will be available on Audible very soon, and once it’s out I encourage you to get it; I always found Mike’s voice to be incredibly soothing, whenever I listened to one of his audio conversations available at his blog (somebody should have told him to launch an ASMR Youtube channel years ago! LOL), and now he has his own podcast, The Unseen, under Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country website, which you should also check out.

For years, some of my friends kept suggesting I should have a podcast of my own. At first I dismissed the idea, but now that the Design business doors keep closing in my face, maybe I should reconsider… What do YOU think?

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  1. […] As I have mentioned many times here in this webpage and elsewhere, Mike is one of my favorite people in this wacky world of paranormal events and hidden experiences. Knowing him I was certain that no matter how we started the conversation, we would inevitably end up somewhere very deep and heartfelt. Even though Mike and I are following very different paths –he’s a genuine experiencer of what can only be described as a different reality, whereas no matter how much I’ve longed to have my own encounter with The Other, I feel I’m forever destined to perceive and comment upon these events merely from a periphery– I honestly feel that deep down we are both trying to arrive to the same place; it certainly hasn’t been an easy journey, but I’m still convinced that despite it all we chose a path with Heart. […]


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