Chewbacca the Woke-y (Little Bit of Star Wars Humor)

Chewbacca the Woke-y

I’ve been getting so obsessed with the commissions that take so many hours to complete (for some reason each time it takes longer and longer!) that I often forget to draw just for fun.

Well, this is a “just for fun” ink doodle I made. It was not only a good practice of the Pentel brush pen I bought years ago –yet I don’t use that often, because it’s harder to control than a regular pen– but also a good gag (I think) and comment on how much I *loathe* the term ‘woke’, which is supposed to be some kind of badge of honor among Millennials, but to this cranky old Gen-Xer it translates into ‘self-entitled, judgmental a-hole’.

Srsly kids, calling yourselves ‘woke’ is like a spiritual guru claiming to be ‘enlightened’ –if you say you are, that immediately disqualifies you…


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