Check Out these Deleted Scenes from Witness of Another World

Witness of Another World

I’m not a fan of Jeremy Corbell’s Bob Lazar documentary, though I admit I did like his film about the Skinwalker ranch. Another thing I have to admit is that Jeremy is a really good marketer and self-promoter, which is he’s always releasing additional material on his Youtube channel to keep his viewers engaged.

Which is why when I was re-listening to the wonderful audio interview Greg Bishop and I did with Alan Stivelman last year, and I got to the part where he mentions how during the filming of Witness of Another World he had managed to arrange a meeting between Juan Pérez –the main subject of his documentary– and Carlos, another witness of a close encounter of the third kind that occurred just 3 days before Juan’s experience, I thought to myself: “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to see that deleted scene on Youtube?”

Thankfully, Alan confirmed he had indeed recorded the meeting between the two UFO witnesses and still possessed the material, but that he needed someone who could translate the audio in order to add the necessary English subtitles. Obviously I jumped into the opportunity to be a small contributor of this amazing project, so I volunteered to translate the video myself —how hard could it be, right? Famous last words…

Alan suggested a very handy and easy-to-use online platform called Amara which I could use –you just type in the URL of the video, follow some simple instructions and start typing!– but, as you can imagine, the task wasn’t as simple as I had envisioned it: Not only do Juan and Carlos speak with their characteristic Argentinian accent (which is somewhat unusual to my Mexican ear) but in that particular meeting between the two of them, they are both so obviously excited for having the chance to converse with someone who’s gone through a similar fantastic ordeal as they did –something 99% of the population have no inkling whatsoever what it’s really like– they ended up talking too god-damned fast! Not only that, but they also were jumping from one aspect of their UFO experience to the other without finishing sentences, and there were even times when putting into words what they went through is incredibly difficult.

Yet because of this is why watching this little video is so important to anyone who is interested in the UFO phenomenon: Because you get a glimpse of how difficult it must be to INTEGRATE these experiences into our ordinary lives, and how being a “witness of the impossible” can leave you marked for the rest of your life, even if the event lasted for only a few moments.

There was some liberal interpretation of what the two men are saying –remember, there was NO script or coaching. Alan just let his camera roll without interrupting Juan and Carlos for clarification– like for instance when Juan is talking about the “softness” of what he saw, in light of what both of them were saying at that moment, I concluded he was referring to the “space suit” of the tall humanoid he was interacting with, and how it seemed to have been made of a pliable material which allowed it to bend without any wrinkles.

Another incredibly interesting commonality between these two witnesses’ experiences is their alleged capacity to heal very quickly. Carlos has a carpentry workshop and Juan has had all sorts of odd jobs as a farm hand throughout his life, and they both have had their fair share of nasty wounds as a result of a work accident, yet they both claim they heal very fast from these injuries and suspect it is an aftermath from their UFO encounters –something that is well documented in the literature.

It took me while to finish the task of typing and syncing the subtitles. Greg Bishop came to Mexico 2 weeks ago, and most of our time was dedicated to sightseeing the city and its surroundings, yet one night I showed him the video and he gave me some valuable comments and suggestions to improve the language –“the trick is not to literally translate what they are saying, but to convey the meaning of their words as simple as possible,” he said.

I finally sent Alan the file with the subtitles last week, and he immediately uploaded it on his Humano Films Youtube channel:

Prior to that, Alan had also released a second deleted scene from WoAW which is also worth watching: Plutarco, the Guaraní elder who speaks about the problems in our world caused by losing contact with Nature. Given the current times we’re living in, I think you’ll agree his message is more relevant than ever:

Remember that Witness of Another World is freely available on Amazon Prime, if you haven’t watched it yet. Also, it begs pointing out that not everything in Juan Pérez’s experience is love and light! As a result of his encounter, Juan developed psychic abilities which has allowed him to glimpse a “dark cloud” approaching our planet. This obviously resonates with the messages received by many abductees and “experiencers” and it’s easy nowadays to feel the End Times are upon us. But if that’s the case, there will be no choice but to stick close to our loved ones and weather the storm as best we can, remembering there’s much beauty in this world worth fighting for.


  1. This was a powerful scene to me. Juan and Carlos do not waste time trying to verify if they indeed saw something, they both most definitely did, and the speed with which they communicate with each other about their experiences shows how relived they were to talk to someone who had shared s similar encounter with something that was hard to describe. Not to mention the feelings and life changes they have probably been through. They have a perceptible shorthand in their discussion, which only fellow witnesses can understand.

    Thanks for including me in the process!


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