Strange Realities 2020 (First Conference Presentation Ever!)

Strange Realities

Yesterday I reached a landmark in my ‘paranormal career’ (if there is such a thing!) by delivering my first ever presentation at the Strange Realities 2020 online conference, produced by Adam Sayne and Serfiel, the guys from the Conspirinormal podcast. The topic I chose: The UMMO affair –which is one of my favorites UFO stories of all time.

Yeah, I know I should have probably announced my participation in the conference on this page before it actually happened, but I was too busy all week preparing my Power Point presentation, re-reading books and searching for new information online. And after the slideshow was done there was the issue of editing and re-editing my notes, and constantly rehearsing while timing myself with a chronometer, so I could cover the whole UMMO enchilada as broadly as possible in less than an hour –no small feat, believe you me!

UMMatrioshka dolls
One of the images I created for my presentation, which was titled “Smoke, Mirrors and Plexiglass Windows: The Nested Deceptions of Planet UMMO”

Fortunately I managed to deliver the presentation without any major hitch, aside from a couple of times when I got tongue-tied –my only major regret is that I couldn’t put my red luchador mask on, because I needed to wear my glasses in order to read my notes (maybe next time, when I don’t have to memorize so many god-damned names and dates… or wear contacts!). All in all I’m extremely proud and grateful that I could be part of an event which gathered such a talented group of researchers –my buddies Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, Seriah Azkath, David Metcalfe and Aaron Gulyas were also featured.

And if you didn’t have the chance to catch the presentations live, fret not because you can still subscribe and go to the Strange Realities Facebook page so you can stream them whenever you want.

Online conferences sure are a nice way to overcome the traveling restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet I’m hoping that next year I do manage to attend a few good ole fashioned LIVE conferences, because nothing beats those late-night bar discussions in which Life, the Universe and Everything is lively discussed over copious amounts of spiritual beverages ūüėČ


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