*Pheeeeew* (Also, Some Trump Doodles)

Did you hear that? That was the entire planet having a collective sigh of relief!

If you follow me on social media (Twitter and Facebook) then you are probably aware by now of my enormous contempt for the Donald and everything he stands for –and yes, I’ve had to swallow my anger more than once when some idiot starts taunting me about “taking the blue pill instead of the red one” but that’s probably for another time to discuss– but what you’re probably not aware of, is that for a looooong time I was afraid to voice my opinion about him publicly, even before he won the presidency.

You see, as a Mexican citizen I feared that if someone were to scrutinize my social networks, and found out my criticism of their president, that I would be denied entrance to the United States whenever I had the chance to fly over there to visit my friends. It may sound ridiculous to you, but that concern was very real among us foreigners, especially with these kind of news articles.

Which is why the drawings below, which were made years ago, had never been shared publicly… until now.

As you can see in my pill signature, this digital drawing was made in 2015, back when Donnie was still a candidate and was starting out with his inflammatory speech. I thought about using another famous Donald (and equally prone to hissy fits) as a parody. I thought about selling this image in t-shirts, but desisted of it for fear of any possible repercussions.
A quick sketch I made back in early 2016, after I returned from my trip to Phoenix to attend the International UFO Conference. I like how I still managed to make Donnie’s features recognizable despite how simple the face’s lines are.

Eventually, I decided that I couldn’t hide my hate for how Trump was driving the United States into full fascism (don’t bother in trying to prove me wrong in the comments) along with risking the fate of the planet with his denial of climate change (not to mention his pathetic handling of the pandemic) so at one point I decided that, if some stupid Homeland Security officer had a problem with my Tweets against his Commander-in-chief, then so be it.

In fact, there’s a certain super-duper-secret project in the works (stay tuned!) which would mean doing a lot of traveling around the United States next year, and if for some horrible reason Trump had gotten reelected, I seriously considered quitting this project, even though it could mean a big development in my career and a solution to my terrible financial situation.

Ironically enough, the only time I made an illustration of Trump which was used publicly, was not for a political cartoon. It was for an animated greeting card developed by my friends of Birthday Alarm, and I remember that at first they wanted me to make changes to my caricature of him because I thought I was being too nice XD (click here to watch the card).

One of the initial sketches for the ‘The Perfect Call’ birthday. As per the suggestion of Zuno’s creative director, I further exaggerated Donnie’s jowls and his tiny hands, and they also asked me to keep his eyes open instead of his usual ‘piggy bank’ slits. I actually used a lot of real references to paint the Oval office on this commission (adding a coke and a burger in the end was a nice touch, if I say so myself…)

How the saga of real-life Biff Tanner will finally end, we still don’t really know. Will he go quietly into obscurity (doubtful), flee the country as he hinted at (I hear Moscow is lovely this time of year) or end up in jail (here’s hoping!)? I have the worrisome suspicion that the festering caused by MAGA will be very hard to remove from American society –perhaps it never will, now that QAnon has leaped from the pages of 8chan into the political arena– and that the fact that someone like Donald Trump managed to be encumbered into the most powerful office in the globe, is a sign that the United States is in full decline. Perhaps Biden’s tenure will allow for an easier transition into a much needed change, because there’s no going back to things as they were in 2016.

But in the meantime, we can all sleep a little easier tonight. Well, at least those of us who don’t have a membership in Mar-a-Lago that is.


  1. That’s ok buddy, you’ll pay for it, if your boy “Joe,” gets in and the far left takes over and tax the crap out of you, only take that hard earned cash you made, and given it away to some socialist program or useless program. I’m from Canada and the Provincial government takes 50% of what you earned. But you go ahead and use this platform to voice your opinion and but when they take away your amendments and tell you to shut up and get back into line
    By the way we took like a man or woman when boy obama was in office for eight long and piss poor years he was in office.
    Good luck with that-


    • Thanks for commenting on a blog post you clearly didn’t bother to read; or if you did, barely comprehended. Because if you had, you’d understood none of your right-wing ‘predictions’ would apply to me… because I’m MEXICAN 😉

      BTW congrats on the fact that Canada is gonna be among the first governments to get all of their population vaccinated,and that the vaccine is gonna be free –or should I say, publicly paid by those taxes you’re complaining so much about!


    • The Orange Kool-Aid has been guzzled by this one!⬆️.
      For anyone who really paid attention Trump has always been a transparently obvious pathological conman.

      My two favorite quotes about the Donald-

      “Beware always of the loudmouth taking advantage of the situation and appealing to a crowd’s meanest nature.”
      NYC Columnist Jimmy Breslin about Donald Trump in 1989, Jimmy won a Pulitzer for being a “Champion of ordinary citizens”

      “In 1990, Marvin Roffman, a Philadelphia securities analyst at Janney Montgomery, posted a negative financial report about the soon to open Taj Mahal saying that it would be unable to pay its bonds. Trump threatened to sue the firm if he didn’t recant. Roffman refused and was fired. He in turn sued both, and was awarded $750,000 from Janney and an undisclosed amount from Trump. “I did not come here to bury Donald Trump,” Roffman gloated after Trump failed to make a $47 million interest payment a few months later. “He does a pretty good job of that himself” (Philadelphia Inquirer, October 4, 1991). While Trump’s name is still emblazoned on the Taj Mahal, he no longer owns it.
      From a 2015 essay- “Donald Trump vs. Richard Cory in Atlantic City- the casino magnate is hollow inside—and that’s how he likes it.”
      By Pete E Murphy


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