Of Pet Goats and New Beginnings: F*ck Off to 2020

I don’t think there’s a single person on the planet –with the possible exception of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk— who will end up remembering 2020 fondly. Each and every one of us experienced grief and loss in some measure: some lost their jobs, others their financial security, and many –too, too many– experienced the loss of a loved one.

I’ve never been a ‘glass-half-full’ kind of guy. I see the events which unfolded this year, including the pandemic, as the precursors of trends which will turn even more powerful and volatile in the future. I’m sorry to admit that I do think we’re heading for a very bumpy ride; and although we might yet steer the ship before we hit the iceberg, it’s gonna get a whole lot worse before it slowly starts to get better –and I also suspect a lot of us might not live to witness that.

BUT, I suddenly remembered this jewel of an animation short which was produced in 2012 –another year full of fear, anger, uncertainty, but also containing a tiny seed of a new beginning– and I can’t think of a better way to try and lift the veil of fear covering our heads and hope for a true awakening, than to share it with you today in hopes that it lifts your spirit as much as it did to mine:

See you on the other side of 2020, vatos!

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