Where Did the Month Go??

Oh hey! First post of 2021 and we are already in mid-February?! Time moves differently when you’re pandemicking.

Sorry for not updating the ole webpage more often. Been very busy doing a few projects which I’ll be sharing with you in the near future, and I also have a few of the old commissions of 2020 I’ve been meaning to plug. You see, one of the reasons for my tardiness is that we at The Daily Grail are starting a new effort to attract more Patreon subscribers in order to make our webpage actually profitable, instead of just a labor of love; because of this, I’m not only going to write articles more frequently, but also Greg Taylor and I are looking into all sorts of cool content for our supporters –last week, for example, we organized a contest in which we gave away a signed copy of Passport to Magonia. And more like that is coming real soon!

In the meantime, here are two of my latest appearances on Seriah Azkath’s podcast Where Did the Road Go? which I hope you enjoy, if you haven’t listened to them already. The topics discussed in these roundtables are many and varied, so I’m sure there’ll be something interesting for any Fortean fan out there 🙂


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