New Book Cover Design: Saucers, Spooks & Kooks

Adam Gorightly

I’m very proud to announce that Daily Grail Publishing has just released a new book by renown ‘crackpot historian’ Adam Gorightly, whose cover was designed by yours truly. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Adam, and making sure his books stand out from the rest in any self-respecting Fortean’s private library.

As a bonus for Patreon subscribers to The Daily Grail, you will be able to read a very detailed explanation of what went on with the design process behind this one. Let’s just say this cover took longer to figure out than most of my previous efforts, and the image below is one of MANY early concepts I briefly entertained for it:

The dangers of being a UFO kook

So what are you waiting for? Log in to your Amazon account and grab a copy today. Hurry, before the government shut us down!


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