New Appearance at “The Paracaaaaast”

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Last week I recorded an episode with Gene and Randall for The Paracast, which is one of the first paranormal podcasts I began to listen to back in the late 2000s.

It was a very fluid, all-over-the-place discussion (just the way I like it) in which I gave my 2 cents with regards to the way the UFO frenzy bubble was deflated somewhat, after the release of that disappointing UAP Task Force preliminary report. The fact that people like Leslie Keane –one of the co-authors of the Dec 2017 NYT article which began to inflate that bubble– is now trying to chastise scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Seth Shostak for their unwillingness to get in ‘Zondo boat is somewhat disturbing. Yes, the scientific community should pay more attention to the phenomenon instead of insisting to bury their heads in the sand; but let’s not forget that it was Mellon and Elizondo the ones who chose to use the “potential threat” bingo card to get the attention of Washington war hawks, and Leslie deliberately chose to aid them in their efforts in the first place.

If the evidence presented by the TTSA alumni and the ‘curiosity weaponizers’ have failed to convince skeptics like Shostak and Mick West, trying to change their minds by saying the classified version of the report contained “incredible close-up photos and extended videos” –and how do we know this? why because Lue told us, that’s why!– will just not cut it. Either the government shows true compelling evidence to change the mind of academicians –radar data, sensor readings, satellite telemetry, etc– or the scientists will either continue to scoff at the notion of ‘little green men’, or choose to flip them the bird and get the answers by themselves. Which is why Avi Loeb’s Galileo Project is actually one of the best things that were triggered by the failed expectations of the report.

But getting back to the episode, we also touched upon other things, including my long-held suspicion (I loathe the term ‘belief’) that Consciousness is the true building block of reality. If we manage to corroborate that –and I believe (oh dammit!) Science is steadily moving in that direction– then the implications for the UFO mystery are vast. Why keep insisting in thinking in terms of metal spaceships traveling from other planets, when we could be dealing with something far stranger and mind-boggling?

BTW the Paracasters have just set up an online shop where they sell all kinds of merch, including stuff adorned with one of the caricatures I did for Gene some years ago. If you would like to purchase some, click here.

And here is the link to the latest episode with yours truly. Enjoy!


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