Dalai Lama VS Dalí Llama

I drew this doodle last year, just because I found the word game funny.

I guess I’d rather choose a llama that spits, than a lama that licks, amirite??

What’s also interesting is that now, due to the public outrage caused by that incident, there’s a lot of revisionism going on with regards to the ties between Tibet’s religious high class and Germany’s Nazis during WWII. It is no secret that the Nazis were obsessed with Tibet and sent several ‘scientific’ missions with the purpose of seeking the mystical roots of the Aryan race.

I love the movie “Seven Years in Tibet” and how it paints an endearing portrait of the friendship between the Dalai Lama when he was a young child, and Austrian refugee Heinrich Harrer; but there is evidence that suggests Harrer was a Nazi sympathizer despite what the movie tells.

Of course, the ones who must be absolutely delighted with all of this are the Chinese. The Dalai Lama remains a thorn in their political claims to Tibet, and when he finally leaves his present incarnation they will waste no time in appointing a successor to their liking. After he is gone, who knows what will happen to Tibet’s chances to regaining their sovereignty.

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