Announcement: Commissions Welcome!

Once more into the breach…

In November of 2021 I announced that, due to the sheer amount of work that would involve finishing the Tarot project, I would be forced to stop accepting other sort of commissions or projects —a rule that I kind of broke once or twice, but 99% of my time during 2022 was committed to drawing the cards, and doing other things for the accompanying book.

But now that the Major Arcana is behind me, it is time to dust off the entrance to the shop and welcome patrons interested in either a portrait, illustration work, T-shirt designs, book cover designs, logo design, etc —as you can see if you peruse into the content of this website, I have learned to be very flexible and not to box myself into a single product.

Above is a small sample of the work I’ve done for previous clients over the year. I want to think that all of them were satisfied with the end result, and as you can see I am not afraid to tackle with complex ideas —then again, an increase in complexity will inevitable result in an increase in price, since I tend to charge based on the amount of hours an assignment would take (and I end up being my worst enemy because I almost always underestimate the time).

So don’t be shy and reach out to me, either by leaving a comment or through my business email (


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