The personal webpage of the Fortean blogger and artist Red Pill Junkie. Here you will be able to find samples of my artwork, designs, and occasional thoughtcrimes.

I also collaborate on pages like The Daily Grail, and I’m a regular guest in podcasts like Where Did the Road Go?, Radio Misterioso, and a few others.

If you would like to get in touch with me to discuss art commissions and design projects, you can reach me at:



  1. I just read your Skinwalker article. You seem well informed
    on this subject.
    As an FYI you should read and listen to what Grant Cameron has speculated they biological portion of this study involved. He claims it is DNA, and I believed that he also talked about an experienced study group participation in this endeavor (with BAAS). I think it may have been the Mack group PEER, and not MUFON (although I heard a interview with the MUFON representative who said they did share some information so maybe both).
    Cameron Interview

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Dear redpill junkie,

    I am pre-producing a public affairs radio program for an independent publicly funded radio station in Northern California.

    Would you be interested in conducting an interview with us about your line of thinking on the current state of affairs in Fortean thought and ufology? I have just purchased ufos: reframing the debate and have heard.your presentation of ideas in many podcasts.

    The name of our show will be Paranormal Observations and we will be presenting ideas from the militantly agnostic point of view. Our main bread and butter is going to be paranormal experiences of the local inhabitants of Mendocino county and slightly beyond. I’m hoping to convince Greg bishop to come onto the show as well however he has yet to reply to my inquiry. Maybe you both want to come on? Ha ha ha, ah yes a pipe dream as it were. I eagerly await your response.




    • Hey Matthew,

      Yeah, that sounds like a fun thing to do. Also I got in touch with Greg and we both would be down with appearing on the show at the same time (it just would be a matter of coordinating our schedules)




  3. Hey there!

    Hope all is well! My name is Nick and I’m a Development Producer at Hit + Run, a New York area TV production company. Our company creates shows for TV networks like Science, Discovery and Nat Geo, and our Founder / Executive Producer has previously created and sold hit shows including Oddities (Science Channel) and Secret Space Escapes (Science Channel).

    We are developing a new series about the mysteries surrounding some of histories most infamous scientists; examining stories, lost files, and new evidence in search of amazing new discoveries.

    I am interested in speaking with you and see if you might have interest in participating. Or if you aren’t interested, if you might help provide some insight into what people might be a good fit for this project.

    Thank you!


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