Talking UFOs with My Pal Micah

Micah Hanks
My favorite Time lord

Micah Hanks is one of my oldest friend in this wacky world of the paranormal. First we started corresponding and then I used to interact with him and his co-hosts via the chatroom during the live transmissions of his old radio show The Gralien Report. Then finally we met IRL in 2012 when I gathered the guts to travel to the 1st Paradigm symposium in Minneapolis –man, I should probably write about that on this page one of these days. I’ll never forget the face Cassidy Nicholas made when I showed myself wearing my red luchador mask… LOL

Micah used to be one of the ‘young guns’ of UFOlogy –Srsly, I couldn’t believe it when I learned I was actually 10+ older than him!– but now, as new blood has entered the field (for better or worse) he’s managed to carve himself a nice and respectable position in the field due to his well-balanced and reasoned perspective. And I’m sure the best is yet to come for my dear friend from Asheville, North Carolina!

We hadn’t caught up with each other for quite a while –the last time we met in person was in 2016, when a bunch of friends decided to get together in Dallas for an “un-conference” we called Paramania, which turned out to be incredibly fun– so last week he and I chose to reconnect via Skype and catch on with what’s been going on with our lives. At one point Micah asked me to record a “little” segment for his podcast, to which I excitedly accepted (I think the segment went over an hour!). As usual when you’re musing about the paranormal, we went ALL OVER THE PLACE: from dreams, to the dream-logic of UFO experiences, to the similarities between close encounters and abductions with shamanic initiations, focusing on the fascinating case of Juan Pérez as described in the documentary Witness of Another World. When you almost forget you’re actually recording a segment for a podcast or a radio interview, that means you’re having fun –“almost” because Micah reminded me not to throw any profanities like I usually do :3

So here’s the link to that podcast episode, in case you wanna check it out!

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