Check Out My Streamathon 2020 Presentation on Youtube

My buddy SMiles Lewis has been uploading the individual presentations that have been delivered during the weekend live streamings of the Streamathon 2020. If you read my previous post, then you already know the purpose of these online events is to gather enough funds so the Anomaly Archives can remain operational. On their webpage the latest update shows they are half into their $20,000 goal, so there is still time for you to donate or purchase some of the merch they are selling based on the artwork I created for them.

In the meantime, check out my presentation below –it’s a slightly updated version of my UMMO talk that I first delivered for the Strange Realities online conference, tho here I provided a little bit of extra content:

Remember that Streamathon 2020 will continue each weekend until the end of the year, and there are still plenty of wonderful authors and content in their list!

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