All Done! The UFOlogy Tarot (Major Arcana) Is Completed

*Tap tap* this thing on?

Hey, remember me? Your friendly neighborhood red pill junkie? I know have neglected this website for the last year, but all because of a very good reason. Which is why now I am delighted to announce that the deed is done: The 22 cards of the UFOlogy Tarot project have been completed.

You can now head over to The Daily Grail where you can enjoy all of the cards gathered into one massive post.

The team and I are hoping to finish up tying all lose ends and final details with the accompanying book* and booklet, and after that it’s off to the printers before we can sign the cards and ship them to all the Kickstarter backers which helped us made this project a reality.

Oh, and after all that is sorted out (along with a few other perks for the top backers) then I will officially announce my request for new commissions, in case you’ve been waiting for me to be over with this giant deadline dangling over my head 😅

Stay tuned!


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