Latest Appearance on The Paracast

Last month I was invited to be interviewed on The Paracast, one of the podcasts I’ve been listening to the longest since I’ve became an active participant on the Fortean blogosphere. They have a MASSIVE catalog of content that is really worth your while to peruse.

Chris O’Brien, the co-host, wasn’t available since he recently moved and hasn’t managed to get WiFi at his new home. Gene Steinberg was joined by J. Randall Murphy as guest co-host and I truly think he did a wonderful job. Randall has been a member of the Paracast forums for a very long time (his username there is ‘Ufology’) and even though he’s definitely on the ‘nuts and bolts’ side of the UFO conversation, that actually made the dialogue much more dynamic and engaging IMO, because –unlike 99.9% of people who may not agree with you on the Internet– he was actually RECEPTIVE and cordial, and wasn’t trying to shoot down my wacky ‘anti-materialism’ speculations. The end result was a quite enjoyable conversation, for which I’ve received a lot of praise and positive feedback.

Here is the link
, if you want to give it a listen.

After you do and if you still want MORE anti-materialist UFO stuff, then I suggest you also listen to the latest Paracast episode, which features none other than my Reframing the Debate colleague Joshua “The Fey Evangelist” Cutchin!

PS: The featured image is something I made for Gene and Chris a while ago –although I still like the concept, frankly I think I’ve grown a lot as a digital artist since then.

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